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Vol: 13  No: 02


14 August 1966

Are We Politically Disintegrating?

His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya of Sringeri

The only panacea for all the present ills of our Government, is the zealous pursuit of Dharma in all walks of life. India is now passing through critical times. We are now in a crucial stage in the history of our country. We have ignored the lessons of history and have allowed the disruptive and divisive tendencies to grow unchecked. On August 15, 1947, when we secured independence, we were inspired by the highest ideals, sanctified and cemented by the sufferings cheerfully borne by the crusaders for Swaraj.
We then eagerly looked forward to a glorious future of a united India blossoming into a powerful nation.The first few years of our hard fought-for freedom, were full of meritorious achievements, fertilised by the best brains from all sections of the community.
The very fundamental mistake committed by the Government of India in relegating “Dharmic Life” to the background, has been the direct and inevitable cause of all our failures in the task of national integration.
Formerly Dharma was the cementing force which used to bind all the Indians together from Cape Comorin to the Himalayas. Now that it has lost its ground, we are nonplussed and know not what to do. The ideal of Dharma placed by the ancient men of wisdom, will surely come to our succour in solving all our troubles and problems.
Formerly a person in Varanasi or Manasa Sarovara would always think of his co-brother at Rameswaram. They would be hand in glove with each other when they met and this fundamental unity of India based on religion and morality has now been replaced by other considerations, and the outcome of it all, is utter chaos.
There were kings in days of yore who were the repositories of Sanatana Dharma and its high ideals. But now the country has been torn asunder by the suicidal slogans of “My State first.” This slogan should be replaced by “India first and then the rest.” This state of affairs could be conveniently replaced by the introduction of administrative zones controlled by the centre.

India has been moulded by Nature, spiritual significance, and tradition, to be one and indivisible. The springs of unalloyed patriotism are deep-rooted in every Indian. A nation can be united when its will and actions are fully coordinated in the direction of “Dharma”.
The only panacea for all the present ills of our Government, is the zealous pursuit of Dharma in all walks of life. It is said “Dharmena labhate sarvam, Dharme sarvamidam jagat.
Dr. C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar
I feel that there is a lamentable growth of divisive and fissiparous forces stemming from overaccentuated linguistic claims, from narrow and parochial patriotism and from a refusal to face economic facts and, above all, from a steady decline of personal and collective discipline.
Courageous leadership able and willing to face temporary unpopularity and the purposive spread of popular education are the only remedies, and inevitably they are of a long-term character.

Sir C. V. Raman
I am reminded of the famous adage that those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind. The real trouble started when the Constitution pulled down the English language and put Hindi in its place--in the face of a strong and well-justified opposition. The results of that decision have just begun to show themselves. There is worse yet to come and I do not think that anything can stop its coming.

Prof. P. A. Wadia
The solution of this problem lies in scrapping altogether the linguistic provinces and reorganising the whole of India on the basis of administrative units under a single Central Government. Such redistribution will bring together in single units people speaking different languages with the possibility of restoring the unity of the country which today is in danger of losing.

Bhavan's Journal

14 August 1966

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