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15 August 1954

Bhavan Comes of Age

J. H. Dave

“From humble beginnings the Bhavan has come to occupy a position as a centre of Indian Culture & Indological Research to-day”

The Bhavan is a centre in which our ancient learning and modern intellectual aspirations combine to create a new spirit and literature, a new history and culture.
The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is not just an institution; it is a movement, a cause. Its objects have been, from its inception, to encourage the study of all aspects of Indian Culture, to help in the reintegration of the latter in the light of modern conditions; and to aid the fundamentals of Aryan Culture.
The Bhavan is thus a centre in which our ancient learning and modern intellectual aspirations combine to create a new spirit and literature, a new history and culture.The origin of the Bhavan can be traced to the Sahitya Sansad, Bombay, founded by Shri Munshiji in March 1922 with the object of developing and spreading the culture of Gujarat. In 1924-25, Shri Munshiji conceived the idea of a colony for the Sansad where literary men and women could live and pursue their vocation in a congenial atmosphere.
Among its many activities, the Sansad undertook the reorganisation of the Gujarati Sahitya Parishad. In course of time, the activities of the Sansad had to be restricted

for various reasons. Shri Munshiji, therefore, came to the conclusion that the objects of the Sansad could not be fulfilled in their entirety without establishing a regular, broad-based educational institution carrying its full complement of instructors, thereby associating full-time scholars with its activities. He also felt that the literary activities of Gujarat had to be linked with the cultural renaissance of India as a whole, for their consummation.
As a result of these conceptions, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded on Kartik Sud Purnima, Samvat 1995 (November 7, 1938). In the address delivered by Shri Munshiji at the inauguration of the Bhavan he said: “For many years it had been the dream of the Sahitya Sansad to crystallize its work by creating a centre in which the ancient learning and modern intellectual aspirations of this land could combine to create a new literature, a new culture. The Bhavan will be a new association which will organise active centres where ancient Aryan learning can be studied and where modern Indian culture will be provided with a historical background.”

Bhavan's Journal

15 August 1954

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