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Vol: 01  No: 01


15 August 1954


K.M. Munshi

“I welcome the Book University Journal now being published by the Bhavan. Bharat has a heritage and a mission in history. It should be the privilege of this Journal to interpret this heritage and be the instrument of its mission.”

K.M. Munshi

With this issue begins the Book University Journal, which the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan hopes will fulfill a long-felt need.
In view of the Bhavan’s branches, departments and memberships, its varied activities and the activities of its allied organizations like the Sanskrit Vishva Parishad, some of which have international contacts, the Bhavan needs a journal which would keep all those connected with the Bhavan directly or indirectly in touch with all these activities.
The Book University sponsored by the Bhavan has met with a fair share of success. This low-priced series of valuable books has found a market not only in India, but in the U.S.A., U.K. and some other countries as well. It is therefore found necessary that

distributors and regular subscribers to this Book University should feel a common bond that when they are buying a Book University volume, they are becoming members of a widespread intellectual community.
The fortnightly letters of Munshiji, our President, styled ‘Kulapati’s Letters’ are being published in about twenty-five newspapers all over India and separately printed in a fortnightly issue which has an all-India circulation. It has been decided to incorporate these letters in the Journal as its principal feature.
Besides the Bhavan’s news, the Journal will contain summaries of articles and quotations so as to provide a large range of thoughtful reading.


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