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Shri Rajiv Gandhi
- Former Prime Minister of India

Over the last fifty years, the Indian Cultural scene has changed remarkably. The difference that was engendered by colonialism has yielded place to self-confidence. Access to knowledge and culture has also widened impressively. The challenge before us today is to ensure that preoccupation with material development does not cut us away from the heritage which has provided continuity, stability, and the outlook of tolerance to a nation of infinite diversity. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan movement has emphasized the importance and inseparability of science and spirituality, of education and self-discipline.
Dr.Munshi was a many faceted personality who dedicated his life to the re-establishment of India's basic values that have universal and eternal relevance. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is a projection of his dreams and ideals.
The real assault that the country is coming under is the assault from a culture which is alien to us, a culture which is very materialistic and not suited not only to India, I would suggest, not suited to humanity at large and it is for India to see that the essence of our learning is not lost in this deluge that is coming on us, that we not only preserve it for our coming generations but for the whole world as a model for development, as a model for the future.
What we need is to go back to what our great teachers have taught us on tolerance and compassion, on the diversity of our cultures being able to live together, work together and develop together,. The Indian culture despite many religious regional and linguistic diversities, brings all together and that is our strength. Dr.K.M.Munshi gave us the directions to continue that great heritage for the coming generations. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has continued these directions not only in India but right across the globe.

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