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Letter from Shri H.N. Dastur
to Principals of Bhavans Schools

Dear Principal,
Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, reserving 25 per cent of the seats for the socially disadvantaged and economically weaker sections of society, all the Bhavan's schools have to strive their best to implement the provisions of the Act.

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Schools in:Telangana
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram (Public School)  Hyderabad
    NIRD&PR Campus,
    Rajendra Nagar, Rangareddy District
    Hyderabad - 500 030
    email : bvbv_130106@yahoo.com / 57533@cbseshiksha.in
    Phone : 040-24016404, 24008566
    Website : www.bhavansnird.com

    School Building

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram at NIRD&PR Campus aims to provide value-based quality education to the students. It strengthens the students' mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being and prepares them to face the tough challenges in life. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavors to help each child discover and develop his/her innate talents and abilities. It seeks to instill in the children proper habits, positive attitudes, and values such as truthfulness, good manners, fair play, team spirit, self-respect, the dignity of labor, punctuality, and compassion and encourage scientific temper and creativity. The school's aim is also to make students sensitive and responsive to the underprivileged and unfortunate in society. The spirit of caring and sharing is encouraged through community service projects.
    The school is affiliated with CBSE vide affiliation No.3630030 having classes from LKG to X. Apart from academics, the school has Art, Dance, Music, and Physical Education classes.
    The subjects offered for classes I to III :

    • English
    • II-Language (Telugu/Hindi)
    • III-Language (Hindi/Telugu)
    • Computer Science
    • Sports and Games
    • Environmental Science
    • Mathematics
    • Art Education
    • Music
    The subjects offered for classes IV to X:
    • English
    • II-Language (Telugu/Hindi)
    • III-Language (Hindi/Telugu)
    • Computer Science (IV to V)/Information Technology(VI to X)
    • Sports and Games
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Art Education
    • Social Science
    • Music

    The school has been felicitated with the PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL award in the category 5 STAR Rating Scale by CED Foundation-India 2020-21 an ISO Certified Training & Assessment Unit registered under MSME(MICRO, SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (Govt. of India), and GREEN SCHOOL INITIATIVE AWARD for garnering learners in Academic Excellence for the session 2021-22 by CED Foundation in association with Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex Association held at Smartail EDU Excellence Summit 2021 on Managing Technology, Business & Innovation.

    Last updated on:21, July, 2022

  • Bhavan's Public School (Vidyashram)  Jubilee Hills
    Road No. 71,
    Jubilee Hills,
    Hyderabad - 500096
    email : bvbpsjh@rediffmail.com
    Phone : 040-23544934
    Website : www.bvbpsjh.com

    Motive - Endowed with Values -Steered with Wisdom. School Building

    The School has been extending for more than four decades of faithful and fruitful service in education by promoting the core values of environmental sustainability, cultural consciousness and global citizenship. Providing value based quality education, producing enlightened future citizens with excellence in academics, sports, creativity, practical ability, art and culture to lead a peaceful, purposeful, virtuous and prosperous life are the key features of BVBPS Vidyashram. We are part of a strong and enduring tradition, which has been enriched by the generosity and legacy of our founder father Kulapati K M Munshi. The school is affiliated to CBSE vide Affiliation No. 3630007, presently has classes from L.K.G to XII.
    The school is affiliated to CBSE having classes from LKG to Std. XII.
    The subjects offered for classes I to III : English , II-Language(Telugu/Hindi), III-Language( Hindi/Telugu), EVS, Mathematics & Computer Science.
    For classes IV to X :English , II-Language(Telugu/Hindi), III-Language( Hindi/Telugu), Science, Social Science , Mathematics & Computer Science.
    For classes XI & XII:

    MPC GroupMathematicsPhysicsChemistry
    Optional SubjectPhysical Education/Computer Science/Entrepreneurship (any one)
    Bi.PC GroupEnglishBiologyPhysicsChemistry
    Optional SubjectPhysical Education/Computer Science/Entrepreneurship (any one)
    MEC GroupEnglishBusiness Studies EconomicsAccountancy
    Optional Subject for XI
    Optional Subject for XII
    Applied Mathematics(Subject Code.241)
    Mathematics (Subject ode.041)
    CEC GroupEnglishBusiness StudiesEconomicsAccountancy
    Optional SubjectPhysical Education/Computer Science/Entrepreneurship (any one)

    Last updated on:28, August, 2022

  • Bhavan's Atmakuri Rama Rao School  Jubilee Hills
    Road No. 45 (End),
    Jubilee Hills,
    Hyderabad - 500 033
    email : bvbarrshyd@gmail.com
    Phone : 9493077772
    Fax : 040-23607772 (Tele Fax)
    Website : www.bvbarrs.edu.in

    School Building

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Atmakuri Rama Rao School has carved a niche for itself by winning the KULAPATI MUNSHI AWARD FOR BEST SCHOOL-2014 among all the Bhavan's schools at National level. This award for Best School was presented by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Shikshan Bharathi, Mumbai, in recognition of the outstanding achievements in academics, co-curricular activities, sports and games etc. This is a commendable achievement, being the first Institution from Hyderabad to win the award.
    The school building came up in two phases with the foundation stone laid by Dr. (Smt.) D.Purandeswari, the then Union Minister for Human Resource Development and the inauguration of the Primary Block ( Block - A) by Shri Anil R.Dave, the then Chief Justice of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 4th July, 2009.
    The second phase came in the form of the Secondary block (Block-B) which was inaugurated on 16th April, 2011 by His Excellency Shri E.S.L. Narasimhan, Joint Governor of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Initially the school was started from Pre-primary to class-V and over the span of 13 years, it has grown to the level of Pre-primary to class-XII with the pupil's strength of around 2105 and with over 86 teaching and non-teaching staff. The school is expanding both in terms of student and teaching fraternity year after year.

    The Academic Platter:
    Primary, Middle School, Secondary and Senior Secondary School:
    Classes I to V:

    The XSEED curriculum for the primary classes enriches the student performance and builds quality.
    The core subjects are English, Math, Science, Social Science, Hindi/Telugu and Computer Science.
    Classes VI to X:
    The curriculum is laid down as per CBSE norms. The core subjects are English, Math, Science, Social Sciences, Hindi /Telugu/Sanskrit and Computer Science for classes VI & VII and Artificial Intelligence for classes VIII to X


    Work Education:

    Apart from the regular core subjects, a wide variety of work education classes gives opportunity for students to nurture their talents. A variety of creative skill and art work are taught under work experience. Every student is expected to opt for any one of the activities that is offered to them during the academic year.
    All festivals and special events are celebrated traditionally.

    Last updated on:03, June, 2023

  • Bhavan's Public School  BHEL Campus, Ramachandrapuram
    BHEL Township,
    R C Puram,
    Hyderabad - 502032
    email : principal@bhavansbhelhyd.com, info@bhavansbhelhyd.com
    Phone : 040-29884910, 29883922
    Website : http://www.bhavansbhelhyd.com

    School Building

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, BHEL Township, Ramachandrapuram is a place where ideas count with an educational philosophy striving to blend the heritage, culture, values and wisdom of glorious ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant, socially useful, disciplined and law abiding citizen by adopting a regular and standard teaching learning process. Further the philosophy caters to the educational needs of those who want to combine the advantages of the modern school with those of the ancient 'vidyashram' aimed at awakening the intelligence of the child to educate him to understand the complex problems in life, and to help him grow as an individual with sound character and personality, through close contact between the teacher and the taught, enabling the student to face the increasing competition in today's world.
    The school is affiliated to CBSE vide Affiliation No.3630009 and presently has classes from LKG to X.

    The subjects offered for classes I to II:

    EnglishEnvironmental Science
    II-Language(Telugu/Hindi) Mathematics
    III-Language (Hindi/Telugu)Art Education

    The subjects offered for classes III to VIII:

    EnglishSocial Science
    II-Language(Telugu/Hindi) Computer Science
    III-Language (Hindi/Telugu)Art Education (Arts, Music & Dance)
    MathematicsWork Education (Carpentry, Fashion designing, Electrical Gadgets)

    The subjects offered for classes IX to X:

    II-Language(Telugu/Hindi) Social Science
    III-Language (Hindi/Telugu)Information Technology

    Last updated on:23, August, 2022

  • Bhavan's Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya  Sainikpuri
    Secunderbad - 500 094
    email : principalbsrkv@gmail.com
    Phone : 7075442561; 9959112561
    Website : bsrkv.edu.in

    School Building

    BSRKV is situated on a 22 acre land out of the 50 acres of land in possession of the Kendra.
    The school has classes from LKG to Class XII, with strength of 4181 children and the strength of teachers is around 162.
    The school offers the following groups in Class XII: MPCIP, MBPC, MEC & CEIP). The importance is given to co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
    VISION: To impart quality education, and assist the child in imbibing proper social, ethical, moral and spiritual values and be instrumental in transforming the child into a 'Purna Purusha' or complete individual whose personality is a harmonious blend of all the cardinal virtues.

    Last updated on:02, August, 2022

My Dear Principals and Teachers...

Shri Dastur, Bhavan's Executive Secretary, delivered the Inaugural Address at the Conference of the Principals of all the Bhavan's Schools on December 10, 2015 at Kochi.

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