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Letter from Shri H.N. Dastur
to Principals of Bhavans Schools

Dear Principal,
Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, reserving 25 per cent of the seats for the socially disadvantaged and economically weaker sections of society, all the Bhavan's schools have to strive their best to implement the provisions of the Act.

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Schools in:Andhra Pradesh
  • Bhavan’s International Public School (Vidyashram)  Bhimavaram
    Bhratiya Vidya Bhavan Road,
    Bhimavaram 534 203
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : bvb_bvrm@rediffmail.com
    Phone : 08816 232135
    Website : www.bhavansbvrm.com

    Principal: Ms. L.V. Rama Devi
    Phone Office: 08816 232135
    Mobile: 9705728833
    email id: Bvb_bvrm@rediffmail.com

    Director: Shri B.V. Seshagiri Rao
    Phone Office: 08816 221688
    Mobile: 9849124296
    email id: Bvb_bvrm@rediffmail.com

    Principal: Smt. L.V. Rama Devi

    The School was established on 15th August, 1983. Located on outskirts of Bhimavaram amid sylvan surrounding of coconut, palm and mango trees Bhavan's Vidyashram Bhimavaram, a co-educational school, has classes from KG to XII. It has hostel facility with over 200 boarders. With 1200 students and 55 teachers it maintains a good teacher pupil ratio of 1 : 22. Vidyashram provides all round education to children. Along with academics the school lays equal emphasis on games and other co-curricular activities. Taking advantage of its countryside setting subject teachers have developed plenty of project works involving rural crafts, economic & social activities. Vidyshram has an ethos of Indian Culture and the heritage values are thoughtfully interwoven in its programme of curricular & co-curricular studies.
    Green School Award:
    The School has been declared as one of the high ranking Green Schools in the Survey by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), Delhi and bagged Green School Award and Certificate from the organization.

  • Bhavan's Vidyashram, Guntur  Guntur
    K.M.Munshi Road,
    Collector's Bungalow Road,
    Guntur District,
    Andhra Pradesh - 522 004
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : bhavansguntur@gmail.com
    Phone : 0863 2234802 / 2355723 / 9440248498

    Treasurer: Shri M.H.S.P. Prasad
    Phone Office: 0863 2230130
    Mobile: 9885284444
    email id: Veture.ram@gmail.com

    Hon. Secretary: Shri P. Ramachandra Raju
    Phone Office: 0863 2232684
    Mobile: 9949493636
    email id: preraju@gmail.com

    Vice Chairman: Shri U.K. Viswanadha Raju
    Phone Office: 08816 272579
    Mobile: 9849123122
    email id: ukvraju@gmail.com

    Principal: Shri N. Subba Santha Rao
    Phone Office: 0863 2234802 / 2355723
    email id: bhavansguntur@gmail.com

    Chairman: Shri Vivek Yadav
    email id: bhavansguntur@gmail.com

    Principal : Shri N. Subba Santha Rao

    The Vidyashram was started on June 13, 1985. It runs classes from LKG to Std. X. The school is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi.

  • Bhavan's Residential Public School (Vidyashram)  Tadepalligudem
    West Godavari District,
    Andhra Pradesh 534101
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : vr.bvbrp@gmail.com
    Phone : 08818 - 284234, 284388
    Fax : 08818 - 284288
    Website : http://www.bvbtpgudem.in

    Chairman: Ch. Sri Ranganadha Raju
    Mobile: 9848135555
    email id: chsrnr@yahoo.com

    Head Mistress: Smt B. Lalitha Sundari
    Mobile: 9963171959

    Treasurer: Sri G. Sai Baba Vara Prasad
    Mobile: 9949715588

    Academic Advisor: Sri N. Nageswar Rao
    Mobile: 9290091696

    Member: Sri P. Sivar Rama Raju
    Mobile: 9347026977

    Member: Sri P.S.N. Murthy
    Mobile: 9848529298
    email id: murthytpg@gmail.com

    Principal: Sri Rajiv Kumar Sharma
    Mobile: 9441831037
    email id: Vr.bvbrp@gmail.com

    Principal : Shri Rajiv Kumar Sharma

    The School was started initially with 15 students in the Rice Millers' Association Hall on May 29, 1985. Later, it was shifted to the School building in Padatadepalli Village, B.K.M. from Tadepalligudem town. It is 5 km. from Tadepalligudem Town to Peda Tadepalli. The School building was inaugurated by Swami Paramarthananda of Ramakrishna Mission, Hyderabad. It runs classes upto XII.

  • Bhavan’s Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya  Tirupati
    PB No.12,
    Bhavan’s Campus,
    Tirupati 517507
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : principal@bhavantirupati.org
    Phone : 0877 2288657
    Fax : 0877 - 2286401
    Website : http://www.bhavanssvvidyalaya.org

    Sr. Vice Principal: Smt K. Hymavathi
    Phone Office: 0877 2288657
    Mobile: 9701510487
    email id: Krishnakunj2003@yahoo.co.in

    Principal: Smt. S. Indira
    Phone Office: 0877 2288657
    Mobile: 9440259859
    email id: principal@bhavantirupati.org

    Principal : Smt. S. Indira

    The Vidyalaya was inaugurated on June 2, 1990 by Bharat Ratna Shri C. Subramaniam, Bhavan's President. At present, the School has classes from Pre KG to X and is affliated to the CBSE Board.

  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School  Vishakhapatnam
    National Highway No. 5,
    Vishakhapatnam - 530 024,
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : vizagbhavans@gmail.com
    Phone : 7989760071

    Principal: Smt. Shimpy Kumari
    Phone Office: 0891 2553270

    Office In Charge: Mrs. K Varalakshmi
    Phone Office: 8555070406


    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School , Visakhapatnam is a private, co-ed, secondary school running classes from LKG -Grade 10. It is affiliated to AP State Board recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh.
    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam established in the year 1994, has its origin as a Primary School supported by Sarada Mahila Samajam. Originally, the wives of Port officers had formed in to an Association called Saradha Mahila Samajam and the Association started running a Crèche to take care of the babies and young children.
    The school started with offering learning instructions for L.K.G., U.K.G., Grade 1 & 2 and then upgraded with the addition of one grade each year.
    The main building was inaugurated on 10th December, 1996 by His Excellency, Sri Krishna Kant, the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh. The school is recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh and runs classes from LKG to 10th standard with strength of around 500 students. The Chairman Visakhapatnam Port Trust is the permanent Chairman for the school with others as Secretary, Correspondent and members.


    Bhavan’s School Radio is unique, as it is an edutainment programme and the Radio Broadcast is completely run by the school children themselves. The main aim is to enrich speaking & listening skills of students and to provide a constructive entertainment to the listeners . The students take up the PA System in their break time and scheduled radio hours to broadcast a variety of programmes including school news , talk shows, interviews, self-made ads, storytelling , book review, music programmes and address the rest of the students seated in their respective classes.
    The highlight of the very first broadcast was the Radio Talk Show on ‘ The benefits of School Radio’ presented by the student RJs ( Radio Jockey),the Chief Guest , Shri A Prasanna Kumar being one of the guest speaker of the Talk show with other student representatives as key participants. The core objective of BHAVAN’S SCHOOL RADIO is to build confidence and self esteem, develop speaking and listening skills, give voice to the students, promote teamwork, understand the value of communication, learn to write creative scripts and conduct research into a range of topics.


    The Sports Academy, launched in July 2018, provides an excellent opportunity to the children to excel in Games & Sports under the eminent guidance of qualified Coaches and Sports mentors. It caters to the sports enthusiasts in six different Games & Sports: Chess, Carrom, Table – tennis, Throwball, Volleyball and Taekwondo. For further motivation, exposure and recognition of talents, the school organizes Inter School Games & Sports Competitions at district level every month . The Academy also serves the community by letting the joining in the Sports Academy free and open to all irrespective of the school they study in. It is an after school programme from 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m every Monday to Thursday running with the sole objective of encouraging Games & Sports enthusiasts.

      • Well trained & eminent faculty.
      • Effective teaching - learning.
      • Audio visual aids.
      • Customized worksheets
      • Study Hour / Remedial classes
      • Studentwise & Subjectwise Performance analysis
      • Music (Vocal)
      • School band
      • English Language Lab + Workshops
      • Science & Computer Lab
      • Art & Craft studio
      • School Radio Station
      • Explora (Primary school lab)
      • Table tennis, Taekwondo, Chess, Carrom, Volley ball, Throw ball.
      • Celebration of festivals
      • Awareness campaigns
      • Observation of Significant Days
      • Smart classrooms ( Smart TVs &Tabs)
      • CCTV Surveillance
      • English Language Lab
      • Vast play ground
      • Spacious & Well ventilated Class rooms
      • Composite Science Lab
      • Computer Lab
      • Multipurpose Hall
      • Digital Boards
      • News letter
      • Whats App
      • SMS
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Phone calls
    • Our USPs
      • Certified & Trained Faculty
      • English Enrichment Programmes.
      • Sports Academy (individual eminent coaches for each Games & Sports)
      • Personal care
      • Optimum Student - Teacher Ratio
      • Conducive Environment
      • Parent & Student Learning App (LEAD App – JKG to Std VI)

    Last updated on:19, July, 2022

  • Bhavan's International Residential Public School  Palakol
    Palakol-534 260,
    West Godavari District,
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : bvb_pkl@rediffmail.com
    Phone : 08814-225455

    Principal : Smt. G. Padmakala

    It runs classes upto Std. X and is affliated to State Board.

  • Bhavan's Residential Public School  Rajamahendravaram
    East Godavari District
    Andhra Pradesh
    email : bhavans.rjy@gmail.com
    Phone : 0883-2556135/36/37

    Principal : Smt. Divya Dhirendra

    It runs classes from Pre-primary to Class IX and Class XI and XII and follows CBSE curriculum.


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