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  • Examination Secretary
    Dr. G. B. Jani
    Phone Office:
    email id: bvbindology@gmail.com
  • Addl. Examination Secretary
    Dr. S. G. Mishra
    email id: bvbsktexam@gmail.com
Shastriya Sanskrit Pariksha Vibhag
Shastriya Sanskrit Examinations Dept.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4th floor,
Kulapati Munshi Marg,
Mumbai-400 007
email : bvbsktexam@gmail.com
Phone : 022-23634462/3/4, Extn. No. 230

This Department was established in 1945 for promoting higher studies in the traditional subjects of the vast Sanskrit heritage. It conducts annual examinations for the following five courses :-

  1. Praveshika (two years): (equivalent to 7th & 8th standards)
  2. Purva-madhyama (two years): (equivalent to 9th & 10th standards)
  3. Uttara-madhyama (two years): (equivalent to 11th & 12th standards)
  4. Shastri (three years): (equivalent to Graduate level)
  5. Acharya (two years): (equivalent to Post-Graduate level)

These higher courses in Sanskrit are available for the following subjects:-

  1. Rigveda (Oldest available Shakala Shakha and allied literature)
  2. Shukla-yajurveda (Vajasaneyi Madhyandini Shakha and allied literature)
  3. Krishna-yajurveda (Taittiriya Shakha and allied literature)
  4. Sahitya (Sanskrit poetics and Classical literature)
  5. Prachina-vyakarana (Old school of Grammar)
  6. Navya-vyakarana (New school of Grammar)
  7. Sankhya-yoga (Sankhya and Yoga philosophy)
  8. Prachina-nyaya (Old school of Indian logic and epistemology, and Vaisheshika philosophy)
  9. Navya-nyaya (New school of Indian logic and epistemology)
  10. Purva-mimamsa [(also known as Karma-mimamsa) --- texts dealing with the explanation of Vedic Mantras and rituals]
  11. Samanya-darshana (Basic texts of six schools of Indian philosophy)
  12. Shankara-vedanta [Adi Shankaracharya's Advaita-vada (Philosophy of Non-dualism i.e. Monism or Oneness of Brahman --- the ultimate reality)]
  13. Ramanuja-vedanta [Ramanujacharya's Vishishtadvaita-vada (Philosophy of qualified nondualism dealing with special qualities and uniqueness of supreme reality)]
  14. Madhva-vedanta [Madhvacharya's Dvaita-vada (also known as Tattvavada) - philosophy of dualism (depicting two absolute independent realities i.e. God and Jivas (independant souls)]
  15. Vallabha-vedanta [Vallabhacharya's Shuddhadvaita-vada (Philosophy of pure non-dualism) i.e. absolute oneness of God, Jivas (souls) and Jagat (world)]
  16. Jaina-darshana [Philosophy of Jainism and its two major sects -- (i) Digambara and (ii) Shvetambara]
  17. Bauddha-darshana [Philosophy of Buddhism --- all four major schools -- (i) Sarvastivada (Vaibhashika), (ii) Sautrantika (early Buddhism), (iii) Shunyavada (Madhyamika), and (iv) Vijnanavada (Yogachara)]
  18. Dharma-shastra [Ancient scripture depicting Dharma (Hindu law related with righteousness, noble conduct, jurisprudence, etc.) presented in three forms -- (i) Sutras (maxims), (ii) Smritis (versified treatises) and (iii) Nibandhas (digests in prose, and commentarial literature)]
  19. Siddhanta-jyotisha [Grand texts of various Jyotisha Siddhantas (astrological and astronomical doctrines)]
  20. Phalita-jyotisha (Texts on Predictive Astrology)
  21. Puranetihasa [Puranas (sacred literature related with popular encyclopaedic collections of religious beliefs, myths, legends and genealogy) and Itihasa (Mahabharata and other texts on ancient Indian history)]

These higher examinations for five courses (of duration of total 11 years) are conducted mainly in Sanskrit medium once a year. These examinations are recognised by several state govts. and universities. Students may appear for these examinations conducted at more than 15 examination centres in India, and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Head Office at Mumbai. So far more than 1,52,800 students have appeared for these examinations.
Those who are interested in appearing for these examinations may send their letters/emails [with their full postal address (with PIN code), mobile no., etc.] for enquiry, to :-

Examination Secretary
Shastriya Sanskrit Examinations Dept.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4th floor,
Kulapati Munshi Marg, Chowpatty,
Mumbai-400 007, Maharashtra.
Tel. 022-23634462/3/4, Extn. No. 230,
Email: bvbsktexam@gmail.com
Timings: From 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
(except on Sundays, 2nd & 4th Saturdays, and Public holidays)
Forthcoming annual examinations:-
The dates of next Shastriya Sanskrit Examinations will be announced soon at this place.
Those who are interested in appearing for these examinations at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Head Office, Mumbai; may contact and obtain application-forms and details of fees, etc. Normally the application-forms (along with prescribed fees) are submitted before 31st December, every year; at the above-mentioned office.

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