Book Exhibition

Books published by
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
made available
@ 30% Discount

Artists' Mela

Painting & Sculpture Competition
23-25 February 2023
@Gita Mandir, from 11 am to 5.00 pm
Only for College students

Day-01 Date: 18-02-2023
Time: 5.30 pm

Event-1: Inauguration
Followed by
Event-2: Jis Lahore Nai Dekhya O Jamyai Nai
(Hindustani Play)

Day-02 Date: 19-02-2023
Time: 7.00 pm

Event:आवाज़ दो हम एक हैं
(An Audio-Visual Show)
Conceptualized & Presented by
Manek Premchand

Day-03 Date: 20-02-2023
Time: 7.00 pm

Event: पिंजर प्रेम प्रकास्या
(Medieval Saint & Sufi Music)
Compere: Purushottam Agrawal
Coordinator: Neela Bhagwat

Day-04 Date: 21-02-2023
Time: 5.00 pm

Event-1: In Conversation:
Diversity of India - Strength or Weakness
Event-2: सारे जहाँ से अच्छा...
(Songs & Audio-Visual)

Day-05 Date: 22-02-2023
Time: 3.00 pm

Event-1: Unique and Universal:
The Secret of Indian Textiles
Event-2: Unity in Diversity
- In The Indian Cinema

Day-06 Date: 23-02-2023
Time: 7.00 pm

Event: सुमिरन कर ले रे मनवा ...
Devotional Songs of all Religions
Coordinator: Ramkrishna Das
Compere: Neha Sharad

Day-07 Date: 24-02-2023
Time: 7.00 pm

Event: Dances of India
Classical Dance forms of India
Compere: Manjari Sinha
Kathak Dancer: Sunayana Hazarilal

Day-08 Date: 25-02-2023
Time: 5.00 pm

Event-1: Multi Language Kavi Sammelan
Event-2: Linguistic Diversity of India
Event-3: Lagan Ma Magan
- A Play in Gujarati

Day-09 Date: 26-02-2023
Time: 7.00 pm

Event:Festivals of India
Music, Dance & Dhamal
Most popular festivals of India
Along with Audiovisual Screening.