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75 years of Independence


Participants are the decision makers...

  • This is not a Quiz...
  • This is not to test your IQ or GK.
  • There are no Questions to Answer.
  • Anyone can participate.
  • It is something different...
  • Participants are the decision makers...
  • We go with the participants...

There are ten categories...

  • Under each category, there will be ten events...
    • Events...
    • Achievements...
    • Great Moments...
  • Milestones in India's march forward...
  • Out of these ten...
  • Select one as your choice.

Participants are the decision makers...

  • If majority of the participants select the same event you have selected, you will score a point.
  • 100 Top Scorers will be selected as the winners.
  • If there are more participants with the same score, the winners will be picked randomly.

From the Freedom at Midnight to Celebrating the 75th year of India's Independence, there have been many events that have made an impact on India.

  • Important events which have put India on the path of growth and progress.
  • Events that make us feel proud of being an Indian.
  • Great moments that continue to make each one of us hold our head high with pride while fluttering the tri-colour.

Such events are not one but many.

  • There are many, but we have selected only 10 important events under 10 major developmental areas.
  • The areas of India's achievements and developments selected are in:
    • Science and Technology
    • Education
    • Sports
    • Industry and Agriculture
    • Health
    • Governance
    • Entertainment
    • Infrastructure
    • Economy
    • Environment

Participant's role is simple but tough.

In this proud moment of 75th year of Independence, here is a chance to review some of the past achievements, one after another, to analyze the impact on us; as an Individual and as an Indian, even after many years.

  • Under each area, we have listed 10 major achievements. All these 10 events, we may remember with great pride, but out of these 10, the participant needs to select one achievement - only one - as the greatest achievement in that field.
  • In the same way the participant needs to select 10 events, one each from all the 10 major areas of development.

Register NOW and...

Participate in the contest- any day any time - during the month of August 2022 (from 01 to 31 August, 2022). The winners' names will be announced on 10 September 2022.

...and the Prize one can win is:

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...to 100 Top scorers.

It is not a competition...
it is informative...
It is a revision of India's Achievements...

  • to make you feel proud
  • to make you bold
  • to make you proclaim with pride


* All participants are entitled to receive Digital Participation Certificate (PDF format) via email.