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Books on Yoga

Title : Meditate
Author : P C Jhalani
Pages : 123
Price : ₹130
ISBN : 81-7276-103-1
About the book:

Dispassionate self observation is meditation. Vipassana is a technique of meditation which is taught at Igatpuri in Maharashtra. The book begins by giving the definition of meditation, its effects and the tools necessary for meditation. Proper meditation improves one's personality, removes stress and improves relationship with other people.Read More

Title : Mahayogi Gagangiri
Author : Ashish
Pages : 94
Price : ₹150
About the book:

P.P.Gagangiri Maharaj explains the details of Yoga to Ashish, who noted the Maharaj's words in detail. The sayings and words of Maharaj have a very deep meaning.Read More

Title : Glimpses of Greatness
Author : Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav
Pages : 150
Price : ₹30
About the book:

A book for entertainment! A book for instruction ! A book for children ! A book for parentsRead More

Title : Upanishad and Yoga
Author : T. R. Kulkarni
Pages : 160
Price : ₹25
About the book:

A different kind of book! It is the work of a medical man by profession, an Indologist by choice, a Sanskrit scholar of depth, an academician of repute, a researcher of commitment and a guide for research in psychology.Read More

Title : Dual Path to Eternal Bliss
Author : M. Narayana Menon
Pages : 150
Price : ₹120
ISBN : 81-7276-096-5
About the book:

A book with a scholarly touch on the spiritual practices relating to jnana yoga and raja yoga Read More

Title : The Four Yogas
Author : Swami Atmananda
Pages : 236
Price : ₹60
About the book:

This book presents the author's understanding of the main teachings of Sri Krishna (Karma yoga), Narada (Bhakti Yoga), Vyasa (jnana yoga of brahmasutras) and Sri AdiSankaracharya commentator on the Vedanta. The attempt is thus to 'enunciate and eluciadate the most advanced religious principles and practices conducive to the fostering of spirituality in India'. These teachings, the author hopes, 'may be useful to the world at this moment' Why only this moment? They shall guide and illumine the footsteps of mankind "unto the last syllable of recorded time".Read More

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