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Books on Sociology

Title : Hand of Destiny Vol. 3: Eventful Decades
Author : C. Subramaniam
Pages : 264
Price : ₹275
ISBN : 978-81-7276-439-5
About the book:

This volume is a fascinating journey through the last decades of the illustrious life of one of independent India's great achievers, 'Bharat Ratna's Shri C. Subramaniam. Read More

Title : Hand of Destiny Vol. 2: The Green Revolution
Author : C. Subramaniam
Pages : 335
Price : ₹275
ISBN : 81-8276-049-3
About the book:

The second volume of the memoirs is brought out under the title 'Green Revolution'. Read More

Title : Gujarat At Cross-Roads
Author : Prof. Nagindas Sanghavi
Pages : 223
Price : ₹200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-437-1
About the book:

The Book presents a descriptive analysis of the political issues and experiences in Gujarat during the last two decades. Read More

Title : Place names in Kashmir
Author : B K Raina, S L Sadhu
Pages : 196
Price : ₹275
ISBN : 81-7276-170-8
About the book:

The writers have traced a few hundred place names inKashmir and have attempted to classify them according to their origin.Read More

Title : An Inquiry into the Concept of Peace
Author : Licy Bharucha
Pages : 334
Price : ₹275
ISBN : 81-7276-211-9
About the book:

The book makes an attempt to study the concept of peace with an inter-disciplinary background so as to bring out its various aspects and multidimensional character. Read More

Title : Beyond the Summit
Author : Dr.K. Hussain
Pages : 276
Price : ₹170
About the book:

This work is a collection of articles written by the author for various magazines and periodicals on a wide variety of subjects- religious, social, political, educational, biographical and literary, conveniently divided into subject-wise sectionsRead More

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