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Books on Literature

Title : Learning Samskrit Through Bhajagovindam
Author : Dr. C.L.N. Moorty
Pages : 67
Price : ₹60
ISBN : 81-7276-350-6
About the book:

Sanskrit is the store-house of the entire knowledge of ancient India. All the branches of that knowledge viz., spiritual, scientific, ritual and mundane can be mastered only by a thorough mastery over the Sanskrit language and its grammar.Read More

Title : Sanskrit Literature : Past and Present
Author : Several Distinguished Scholars
Pages : 120
Price : ₹100
About the book:

The book is the collection of papers presented by various Sanskrit Scholars in the National Conference on Sanskrit Literature held at the Bhavan's Delhi Kendra.Read More

Title : Let there be light: Inner Light
Author : T.G.L. Iyer
Pages : 341
Price : ₹250
ISBN : 978-81-7276-442-5
About the book:

First Edition - Completely Sold out! Inner light, the second book is a compilation of Shri T.G.L. Iyer's popular Self Development columns, published in various newspapers like the Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Hitavada, Lokmat Times and Free Press Journal, in the last three decades. Read More

Title : Ageless India and the Modern West
Author : Debiprasad Bhattacharya
Pages : 446
Price : ₹475
ISBN : 81-7276-319-0
About the book:

The book is a collection of articles written by the author and published in various newspapers and magazines. The subjects are varied-they range from Vaishnavism to bhakti, from Toynbee to Eliot, from Anandmayee to Marcel Proust. But all are well written and highly readable. Read More

Title : British death March Under Asiatic Impulse. Epic of Anglo-Indian tragedy in Afghanistan
Author : Yash Nandan `Kaviraj`
Pages : 245
Price : ₹280
ISBN : 81-7276-301-8
About the book:

The book is a poetic rendition of the First Anglo-Afghan war 1838-42, a catastrophe of British imperialism in India. It is the story of the British invasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of the army and camp followers in retreat. This war was fought as part of the Asiatic Game of geo-politics for world domination. Read More

Title : An Angel For Life
Author : Meera Prakash
Pages : 149
Price : ₹165
ISBN : 7276-108-2
About the book:

Various issues have been addressed in the stories contained in the book and in them Angel Halaliel, whom the author has named so after a real angel from ancient scriptures, stands as a buffer between man and God and gives us practical solutions to our problems, all the while dropping priceless pearls of wisdom. Read More

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