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Title : Satthwa: Human to Humane (Complete Set)
Author : Kochi Kendra
Pages : 576
Price : ₹1145

About the book:

Cover Price:- Rs. 1230/- Discounted Price:- Rs. 1145/-
The Satthwa series uses education as a means to ignite young minds by developing their creative and cognitive skills, inculcating fine qualities of the head and heart, cultivating social and moral values in young children and moulding them into worthy citizens. The series enhances the quality of education as it acquires knowledge from various sources.
This series includes lessons that are simple and lucid focusing on varied aspects of human attitude, thoughts, behaviour, etc. which will help students in character formation and acquiring a strong cultural foundation. This series is an endeavour of noble thoughts, combined efforts to catalyze a substantial change in the life of a child who goes through the system of education which Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan offers.
The series brought out by the Research Centre of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Kochi Kendra has been specially designed to cater to the education requirements of young learners.
This entire set, well-illustrated and very colourful, contains chapters based on good manners, time-management, social etiquette, cyber safety, positive attitude and patriotism.

About The Author: Kochi Kendra :
The Research and Development Centre, Kochi, was set up on June 2016. The main objective of the Research Centre was to formulate a long term vision programme on attaining and developing system of value based education that will be relevant and appropriate to the needs of the emerging times and to support all Bhavan's Schools in organising training and orientation programmes for Principals, Teachers and Students and also handholding with schools to exceed excellence.

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