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Title : Mānasōllāsa
Author : Edited by Deepti Omchery Bhalla
Pages : 194
Price : ₹310
ISBN : 978-93-91622-08-4

About the book:

Sri Sōmēśvara Bhūpati Viraćito Mānasōllāsa, is a Sanskrit text, authored by the Western Chalukya King, Bhulokamalla Sōmēśvara, a powerful ruler and an illustrious musician-poet king, who ruled the region of Karnataka (1127-1138 C.E). Mānasōllāsa, also named by the author as Jagadācārya Pustakaḥ, a book which teaches the universe, deals with a vast range of subjects from polity to administration to education to entertainment and fine arts to the most intricate nuances of music, dance, literature and sports. The text depicts the grandeur and paraphernalia attached with Royal courts and lifestyles.
Mānasōllāsa, is a Sanskrit text authored by King Somesvara of Chalukya Dynasty, who reigned around the 12th century. This text is an encycloedic work that vividly covers almost all socio-cultural aspects that prevailed during that period.
Besides providing important details about music, dance and other arts, it gives considerable details about the ethics and governance adopted by the ruler Sōmēśvara. Giving prime importance to the good health of his subjects, which in turn strengthened his kingdom, reflected an admirable quality of the ruler.

About The Author: Edited by Deepti Omchery Bhalla :
Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla, is a Senior Professor of Karnatak Music, Dean and Head at the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi, where she has been teaching since 1985.

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