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Title : The Rig Veda Samhitaa - Volume 4 (Mandala 9 & 10)
Author : Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam
Pages : 1060
Price : ₹1250
ISBN : 978-81-7276-518-7

About the book:

The book is a modern English translation of the Rig Veda Samhitaa - the most ancient document. This is a word for word translation so as to enable the learned readers to contemplate the meaning of the Mantras themselves. The text is written in easy conversational modern English. The Series has been divided into 4 volumes. The book is a must for the scholars and the shelves of all the libraries.
The book is the Fourth volume in the series. It deals with Mandala 9 and 10 of the Rig Veda Samhitaa.
All the Sooktas of the Ninth Mandala are dedicated to Pavamana Soma. It consists of one hundred and fourteen Sooktas.
The Tenth Mandala is believed to be the collection of later hymns of the Rig Veda by some scholars. It is the second largest Mandala and contains many well known Sooktas.

Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam alongwith Mr Mahesh Chand Maheshwari published Rigveda Samhita Yatharth Anuvad Parichay, giving word for word Hindi translation of two hundred mantras of Rig Veda.

About The Author: Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam :
A former senior physician and Head of his department in the University group of Hospitals, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, Scotland (UK), he has already translated all the Mantras of the Rig Veda in English which was published by BVB in four huge volumes during 2014-15. He is an accomplished author of several works on the Rig Veda in Nepali and English languages. He lives in Aberdeen.

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