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Title : The Ten Classical Upanisads Vol. I: Isa & Kena
Author : P B Gajendragadkar
Pages : 322
Price : ₹600
ISBN : 978-81-7276-517-0

About the book:

The book deals with two of the shorter but profound Upanisads, the Isa and the Kena, which in their small compass have enunciated almost all that has to be said in the sphere of Adhyatma Vidya.
Great men have commented upon the Upanishads, including the four Acharyas, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhava and Vallabha. Their individual commentaries are naturally based on the principles of the schools they founded. The late Justice Gajendragadkar provides in this volume Upanishads alongwith the translation and commentary of each verse of Isa and Kena and translation of the commentaries of the four Acharyas. This would enable students of the Upanishads to read the original verses and the commentaries of the great acharyas in one place.

About The Author : P B Gajendragadkar :
Gajendragadkar was the Chief Justice of India in 1964. He was appointed the honorary Vice Chancellor of Bombay University for five years. He was the General editor of 'The Ten Classical Upanishads' series and has written on various facets of Law, Education and Science.

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