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Title : A Ruby shattered- Oral traditions of Saurashtra:III
Author : Jhaverchand Meghani
Pages : 175
Price : ₹135

About the book:

This is the third book in the series of 'Folk lore of Saurashtra' written by the author. They contain a collection of love legends of Saurashtra in Folk Balladry form.
Most of the love stories told here end tragically. Yet they immortalize the nomadic men and women in love: Ahirs, Charans, Kathis, Hatis, shepherd communities, all have been preserved in the form of dohas (duhas) which are in verse form and are compact, meaningful and a popular form of folk lyric.

About The Author : Jhaverchand Meghani :
Jhaverchand Meghani is a renowned folklorist and a pioneering researcher. Travelled extensively over Saurashtra , he reconstructed about a hundred stories depicting bravery, honesty, nobility etc. He is the author of more than eighty volumes of folk tales, biographies, stories, plays, poems, essays etc

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