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Title : Feeling-The philosophy of Bhagavadgita
Author : Ramchandr Venkatraman
Pages : 312
Price : ₹140
ISBN : 81-7276-275-5

About the book:

Bhagavadgita contains the entire fabric of Indian philosophy. The author was fascinated by the story of Krishna but his gospel was not very clear to him. Swami Vivekananda inspired him through his life and his works and felt that Bhagavadgita could speak to the Indian society and hence he has studied it in great detail and given a fresh interpretation without deviating from the ancient culture.
The author has given new interpretations to the Bhagavadgita chapter by chapter with suitable quotations, meanings and interpretation. Each chapter deals with a different set of feelings, meanings and explanations. The author has studied thoroughly the Bhagavadgita and come up with his interpretations keeping in line with the original one.

About The Author: Ramchandr Venkatraman :
He is a graduate in agriculture and worked in the department of agriculture, Tamilnadu and as a research officer working on the agronomy and breeding of rice.