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Title : Pilgrims of the Stars
Author : Dilip Kumar Roy, Indira Devi
Pages : 402
Price : ₹400
ISBN : 81-7276-276-3

About the book:

This is the autobiography of a remarkable couple of artists: Dilip, the musician and philosopher, and Indira, the dancer and visionary poetess. One would have to search a long way to find again such an account of a combined life of inspiration.
A spiritual classic, Pilgrims of the Stars offers the reader an inspiring and humorous glimpse into the daily struggles and victories of two great souls. Dilip Kumar Roy describes his spiritual training by his Guru, the Indian statesman and saint Sri Aurobindo, and his meetings with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Ramana Maharshi, and other spiritual luminaries. Indira Devi's candid memoirs of life and her Guru have a special beauty and simplicity, and contain a wealth of practical advice for spiritual aspirants.

About The Author: Dilip Kumar Roy, Indira Devi :
Dilip Kumar Roy is a renowned musician, philosopher, and scholar. Indira Devi , a visionary poetess and dancer is his disciple.