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Title : Saints of Maharashtra
Author : Savitribai Khanolkar
Pages : 179
Price : ₹280
ISBN : 978-81-7276-552-1

About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on Amazon
The book gives explicit stories of the major saints of Maharashtra like Namadeva, Chokhamela, Jnaneshwara, Janabai, Tukaram, Ramdasa, Eknath, Gora Kumbhar and many others.
Saints of Maharashtra were very simple souls who had all the requirements of sainthood: Absolute faith and dependence on God, and complete absence of egotism, greed and lust so that their lives were throughout examples of humility, universal love and devotion.

About The Author : Savitribai Khanolkar :
Daughter of a Russian mother and a Hungarian father, Savitribai became an Indian after marrying Major General Vikram Khanolkar, Former Vice Chancellor of Bombay University. She is fluent in marathi.