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Title : Understanding Isavasya Upasnisad-an exegetical exposition
Author : Prof. Harish C. Gaur
Pages : 88
Price : ₹200
ISBN : 81-7276-250-X

About the book:

The book is a study of exploration of the spirit living in people.Upanisads are the most revered texts as they are parts of Sruti or the Veda.Isopanisad is regarded as the first among the Upanisads and is revered for its grandeur of vision and majesty of thought.
Prof Gaur has used exegetical approach, generally used in scientific expositions to explain the verses by providing supplementary quotes from other sriptures. For example, the apparent contradiction in vidya and avidya has been explained using the concept of lower and higher knowledge.

About The Author: Prof. Harish C. Gaur :
A widely travelled Professor,he studied various scriptures after retirment.He has been writing for Kalyana Kapataru and Hindustan Times as well as The Pioneer. He presented papers at the World Congress for Synthesis of Science and religion.

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