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Title : Kena Upanishad : A study from the Sakta Perspective
Author : Dr. S. A. Sarma
Pages : 113
Price : ₹130
ISBN : 81-7276-234-8

About the book:

Here is proof of scholarship and continued interest in the culture of the country of origin on the part of one who choses to go abroad but nurse the culture with a typical fondness which is probably to be set down as a special treat of nature.
Kena Upanishad, a short Upanishad of four parts. The connection between shakti and the Kena Upanishad is brought out in part 3.(see pg XXIX) The Upanishad is reproduced through transliteration into the Roman script and explained by the author with distinction. The chapter on Brahman dealing with the concept of the Act of Faith makes fascinating reading as may be seen from excerpts kept for perusal

About The Author: Dr. S. A. Sarma :
Shuddhananda Sarma is an Indian, resident in Australia where he has founded his School of Oriental Studies dedicated to the dissemination of Hindu Vidya of its philosophical and Socio-cultural traditions and the Hindu way of life.

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