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Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Lemonade Preparation

As the annual exams concluded, students at Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, embarked on an enriching journey towards health and wellness. In an engaging activity, students from LKG to Class 5 enthusiastically learned to prepare lemonade, fostering both healthy hydration habits and hygiene awareness.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Miyawaki Storytime

On February 25, 2024, Visakhapatnam Public Library, in collaboration with Bhavan’s Public School, hosted a captivating story-telling session titled ‘Miyawaki Storytime’. The session introduced the children of Vizag to the traditional Japanese story-telling method known as Kamishibai.
Certified story-teller Smt. Varalakshmi, from Kathalaya Foundation, Bangalore, brought this unique story-telling style to life. Using a Kamishibai Butai, a wooden stage, and picture cards, she narrated an Indian folk tale. The session was made even more engaging with the addition of music, as she incorporated various musical instruments.
Around 65 children from different schools across Vizag participated in the story-telling session. The event was not only entertaining but also educational, as children learned about voice modulation and experienced a unique story-telling style from a different culture.

Top Award at National Level

Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the top spot and being declared the winner of SHIKSHA Awards by leading EdTech company, LEAD. The rigorous contest, spanning over three and a half months, saw participation from 2,500 schools nationwide, implementing the LEAD curriculum. Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, emerged victorious alongside five other schools, all achieving the top spot with identical scores. This momentous achievement underscores the dedication and exemplary teaching skills of the educators, as well as the effective implementation of the LEAD curriculum for the holistic development of the school, teachers and students.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Science Odyssey

Bhavan’s Public School hosted the Bhavan’s Science Odyssey on March 23, 2024, blending education and entertainment through the marvels of science. The event, held at the school premises, delighted attendees with an array of hands-on scientific activities and a thrilling science show.
The fest featured interactive stalls where children indulged in hands-on experiments, exploring the magic of science firsthand. From slime making to engaging experiments, students from Grades 1 to 9 immersed themselves in the world of science with enthusiasm and curiosity. The highlight of the event was a lively science show on stage, with active participation from children. Mrs. L. Chandrakala, District Education Officer, Visakhapatnam graced the event as chief guest and Prof A. Prasanna Kumar, Director, Centre for Policy studies, Visakhapatnam joined as the guest of honour. In addition to the science fest, a graduation ceremony for upper kindergarten kids was held, where they received certificates for the successful completion of kindergarten.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

National Science Olympiad

Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, is proud to announce the outstanding performance of its students at the National Science Olympiad organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). Grade 3 student K. Sloka secured the Zonal 3rd rank, and was awarded gifts worth Rs. 1000, the Zonal Gold Medal, the Certificate of Zonal Excellence, the Medal of Distinction, and the Certificate of Distinction. This remarkable feat is a reflection of her exceptional talent and perseverance. Additionally, four other students from Grade 1 also performed exceptionally well at the Zonal level. R. Mani, R. Shamhitha, T. Devaansh and C.H. Jaashritha will be awarded the Medal of Distinction, Certificate of Distinction, and Certificate of Zonal Excellence for their commendable performance. Furthermore, 33 students from Grade 1 to 5 have claimed the Gold Medal of Excellence.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

ITC Classmate All-Rounder Contest

In a spectacular display of talent and intellect, L. Dhruvika Aaryana, a fifth-grader from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, emerged victorious as the National Level Winner after a fierce competition with more than 5 lakh participants in the ITC Classmate All-Rounder Contest. The prestigious event unfolded from January 21 to 23, 2024, with the Grand Finale taking place at the illustrious ITC Maurya Hotel in the national capital, New Delhi.
Dhruvika Aaryana’s outstanding performance secured her the coveted title, along with a generous cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh, a stunning trophy, and a gift hamper, courtesy of Classmate. The competition, organised by ITC Classmate, witnessed the participation of around 5 lakh young minds from across the nation showcasing their multi-faceted skills, and Dhruvika Aaryana’s remarkable abilities set her apart.
The distinguished panel of judges, including Olympic bronze medallist in badminton, Saina Nehwal; National award-winning lyricist, Mr. Swanand Kirkire; International Education Director of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Ms. Neha Grover; Director of CBSE Academics, Dr. Joseph Emmanuel; and Indian wrestler, Ms. Sangeeta Phogat, played a crucial role in identifying and honouring the exceptional talents of the finalists.
In addition to the main title, Dhruvika Aaryana received the affectionate title of “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka” from the audience, judges and the host. This endearing recognition highlighted her extraordinary performance.
The event not only celebrated academic excellence but also recognised the importance of holistic development in young talents.

Republic Day celebration

The Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, was filled with patriotic zeal as students, teachers and parents came together to commemorate the 77th Republic Day of India. The day unfolded with a series of events that not only showcased the spirit of unity but also instilled a sense of pride among the participants.
Following the flag hoisting ceremony, the school organised a cultural extravaganza that showcased the rich cultural heritage of India. Students presented a vibrant dance performance and patriotic songs that resonated with the audience. An integral part of the Republic Day celebration were the inspiring speeches and patriotic poem recitation in Hindi and Telugu by students. The programme was followed by prize distribution. The prizes were awarded to students
who participated in different competitions.

Basant Panchami with Saraswati Puja

Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, celebrated Basant Panchami with great fervour and enthusiasm. The day began with an auspicious Saraswati Puja in the campus, as the students and staff gathered for the puja, offering prayers and seeking blessings for wisdom and knowledge. The Ashirvachan ceremony for the students of Std. 10 followed, where they sought the blessings of God and their teachers. The campus was adorned in yellow and white attire, symbolising the colours of Goddess Saraswati. The hall was beautifully decorated with yellow, white and orange flowers, adding to the festive ambience. Students recited Saraswati shlokas, sang devotional songs, and offered flowers and prayers to the Goddess.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Sankranti Celebration

The vibrant festival of Pongal was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam. Students, teachers and staff came together to commemorate this traditional harvest festival, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of our nation.
The school premises were adorned with colourful rangoli that created a festive atmosphere. The corridors echoed with the excitement of the upcoming celebrations.
The highlight of the celebration included the Bhogi Pallu and students playing the roles of Sodamma, Haridasu and Basavanna. The Burrakatha was a very fine piece of recitation. The cultural programme featured various performances, including classical dance and music highlighting the significance of Pongal and its cultural importance.
The festivities extended to include a rangoli competition where students participated and the best three were awarded prizes.

LEAD Championships 2023

In a spectacular triumph, L. Dhruvika Aaryana, a fifth-grade student from Bhavan’s Public School, Vizag, clinched the title of the national level winner in the recently concluded LEAD Championships 2023. The championship, hosted by LEAD EdTech Company, held over two and a half months, showcased Dhruvika’s exemplary speaking and story-telling skills.
The event attracted over 1 lakh students from across the country in its initial qualifier round. Dhruvika excelled in the subsequent rounds, displaying prowess in public speaking, story-telling, and even pitching a product during the finals.
The grand finale took place on January 7 at the prestigious Taj Yashwantpur Hotel in Bangalore, where Dhruvika secured her victory. The competition not only tested speaking and story-telling skills but also provided a platform for cultural exchange among students from various regions, fostering camaraderie and mutual understanding.
The English Champs Junior panel of judges included renowned personalities such as Mr. Chetan Bhagat, best-selling author of iconic books like Three Idiots and Two States, Mr. Sumit Mehta, CEO and co-founder of LEAD EdTech Company, and Mr. Anupam Gurani, Chief Marketing Officer of LEAD EdTech Company.
Dhruvika was honoured with a trophy, a framed certificate and a laptop, making her achievement even more commendable.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Christmas Celebration

In a festive spectacle on December 22, 2023, Bhavan’s Public School transformed into a winter wonderland as students, teachers and staff celebrated Christmas with boundless joy and enthusiasm.
The entire school participated in the festivities, with students donned in a vibrant display of white and red attire. The campus was adorned with twinkling lights, bells and stars, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the true spirit of Christmas. Students took part in capturing the magic of the season with snapshots besides elaborately decorated Christmas trees. The school choir, along with the students, filled the air with melodious Christmas carols, fostering an environment of harmony and togetherness. The festivities continued with lively dance performances by the students, adding an extra layer of jubilation to the occasion.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Children's Day Gala

Cheers and claps, stamping feets to grooving beats, smiling faces and graceful dresses marked the Children’s Day gala at Bhavan’s Public School. The day started with the assembly conducted by the teachers taking up the duties that are performed by children on regular days. Students from all classes, from LKG to Std. 10, showcased their talents in the form of dancing, singing, acting, etc. Medals were given to the winners of individual games and sports competitions conducted for children.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Fire Safety Demo

In a proactive measure to enhance safety awareness, Bhavan’s Public School conducted a comprehensive fire safety demonstration for both the staff and students in the school premises. The event aimed to educate participants about fire prevention, emergency procedures, and the proper use of fire safety equipment.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Games and Sports Achievement

Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, achieved back-to-back record-breaking triumph in the arena of sports. G. Varshini of Std. 3 bagged a bronze medal in the 7-9 age group Quad Couple Free Dance and Precision at the District Level Roller Skating Championship—2023, organised by Visakhapatnam District Roller Skating Association. In addition to this, students from Std. 3 to 10 proved their excellence in displaying their martial art prowess in the 45th Sub-junior, 10th Cadet District Taekwondo Championship – 2023 organised by Yellamanchili Taekwondo Club.




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