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Christmas Celebration

In a festive spectacle on December 22, 2023, Bhavan’s Public School transformed into a winter wonderland as students, teachers and staff celebrated Christmas with boundless joy and enthusiasm.
The entire school participated in the festivities, with students donned in a vibrant display of white and red attire. The campus was adorned with twinkling lights, bells and stars, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the true spirit of Christmas. Students took part in capturing the magic of the season with snapshots besides elaborately decorated Christmas trees. The school choir, along with the students, filled the air with melodious Christmas carols, fostering an environment of harmony and togetherness. The festivities continued with lively dance performances by the students, adding an extra layer of jubilation to the occasion.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Children's Day Gala

Cheers and claps, stamping feets to grooving beats, smiling faces and graceful dresses marked the Children’s Day gala at Bhavan’s Public School. The day started with the assembly conducted by the teachers taking up the duties that are performed by children on regular days. Students from all classes, from LKG to Std. 10, showcased their talents in the form of dancing, singing, acting, etc. Medals were given to the winners of individual games and sports competitions conducted for children.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Fire Safety Demo

In a proactive measure to enhance safety awareness, Bhavan’s Public School conducted a comprehensive fire safety demonstration for both the staff and students in the school premises. The event aimed to educate participants about fire prevention, emergency procedures, and the proper use of fire safety equipment.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Games and Sports Achievement

Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, achieved back-to-back record-breaking triumph in the arena of sports. G. Varshini of Std. 3 bagged a bronze medal in the 7-9 age group Quad Couple Free Dance and Precision at the District Level Roller Skating Championship—2023, organised by Visakhapatnam District Roller Skating Association. In addition to this, students from Std. 3 to 10 proved their excellence in displaying their martial art prowess in the 45th Sub-junior, 10th Cadet District Taekwondo Championship – 2023 organised by Yellamanchili Taekwondo Club.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Picture Book Reading Workshop

On November 5, 2023, Visakhapatnam Public Library, in association with Bhavan’s Public School, conducted a Picture Book Reading Workshop by none other than M. Sita Srinivas, an eminent storyteller, voice artist and voice recordist. With her expressive and coherent voice, characters came alive for the little learners. Through this programme, children delved deep into the illustrations and picked up the nuances of how to read the picture, what the picture says, etc.
Miyawaki Storytime was launched on August 7, 2022. This is an interactive weekend activity session for children that is designed to use stories, art and creativity to kindle children’s imagination and reading habits. 
Every session starts with a storytelling performance and is followed by fun activities like origami, worksheets filling, art and craft, STEM activities and more.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra


A puppet show and shadowgraphy session was organised in association with Visakhapatnam Public Library as a part of their Miyawaki weekend activity. Stories came alive via the beautiful narrative and hand shadowgraphy put on by shadow artist, Rekha Vyas. The objective of the sessions is not only to stir the children’s creative imagination, but also to encourage the reading habit and love of books. The children’s enthusiasm and joy knew no bounds as they learnt how to make a few hand shadows. Such experiences act as a catalyst to foster creativity and imagination.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Student Led Conference

At the Student Led Conference (SLC), the podium was taken over by the students from LKG to Class 9, as each class presented different subject topics before the audience. As part of SLC, students become teachers for a day and explain a concept or give a short demonstration on a concept of their choice. From anchoring to demonstration, the entire presentation was flawless, a demonstration of the students’ communication skills and public speaking abilities. Over 300 parents attended the programme.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Dental Health Camp

Bhavan's Public School, Visakhapatnam collaborated with a team of dentists led by Dr. B.S.R. Chaitanya, Dr. A.S.Praharsh and Dr.M.Nuthana from Anil Neerukonda Institute of Dental Sciences, to organise a free dental check-up and awareness camp on the school premises on September 15. The team of dentists carried out a comprehensive dental check-up of students from Std 1 to 10.
The camp included dental awareness talks, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay, cavities and the precautionary measures to prevent those. There was a focus on eating patterns and food choices which can lead to tooth decay. The objective of the camp was to disseminate knowledge about common oral problems and the importance of oral health care.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Krishnashtami Celebration

On September 7, 2023, Krishnashtami was celebrated by the students and staff of Bhavan’s Public School as a symbol of the victory of good over evil. The celebration hall was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with colourful performances.
The little ones of Pre-Primary classes dressed up as Radha, Krishna and Gopika. 
Students presented songs, bhajans, dance performances and a short play. An awareness on the significance of Krishnashtami and mythological stories on Krishna were presented to the audience. The most enjoyable moment for the little ones was swinging the cradle of Lord Krishna. The event culminated with the actual breaking of the matki (pot) by the tiny tots. It was a day of joy and happiness.

Vishakhapatnam Kendra

Telugu Matrubhasha Dinotsavam

It was a day of pride and grandeur as Bhavan’s Public School, Visakhapatnam, celebrated the Telugu Matrubhasha Dinotsavam. Like every year, this day was observed with a tribute to the legendary Telugu poet and freedom fighter, Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy. Students took part in different cultural events, including traditional dances, music and folk tales that showcased the rich cultural heritage of Telugu-speaking people. It was a great opportunity to encourage everyone to know about India’s rich linguistic heritage through poetry reading and sharing examples from Telugu literature.




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