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Guntur Kendra

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas was celebrated with galore and geity in the premises of Bhavan's Vidyashram. The birth of Jesus Christ was enacted by the children and the presence of Santa Claus made the children happy with enthusiasm.

Guntur Kendra

Munshiji's Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Bhavan's Guntur has celebrated its Founder Shri K.M.Munshiji's 131st Birth Anniversary. Sree Paravastu Naga Sai Suri, IIS, Publicity Officer, Ministry Of Information and Broadcating, is the Chief Guest of the day. The programme was started with the invocation of God followed by the floral tributes to Shri K.M.Munshi. An AV on Shri K.M.Munshi was played for the children. The Chief Guest hailed that Shri K.M.Munshi is an ardent advocate of our Indian Culture. Bhavan's held its head high in the upliftment of the Indian culture. Principal Sree N.V.S. Santha Rao concluded the session with his closing remarks.
Teachers, children and print and electronic media have participated in the event and made it a success.

Guntur Kendra

Career Motivational Programme

Bhavan's vidyashram organised a career motivational programme with Dr. Srinivas .N. Pentyala, a renowned Scientist and Director of Translational Research, USA, as the resource person. He interacted with the children of Classes - VIII, IX and X. He enlightened them with various career options like NANO TECHNOLOGY, DRUG DISCOVERY, ROBOTICS, BIO - INFORMATICS, PHYSIO - GENETICS and so on. This is really a very enriching session in which Sree P. R. C. Raju, Hon. Secretary, Sree N. V. S. Santha Rao, Principal, Teachers, students have participated actively.

Guntur Kendra

Sankranthi Celebrations

Makara Sankrati, the harvest festival celebrated throughout India by different names was celebrated with festivity in Bhavan's, Guntur. Children depicted the different forms of the festival which is celebrated for three days, the first day being Bhogi, where bonfires are lit to drive away the cold, the second day, being the pongal where cattle are worshiped for their hard work in the fields and rice which comes from the new harvest is cooked with milk and jaggery and is offered to the sun god, and the third day was depicted by the students in the form of fortune tellers, haridas whom the Hindus consider as the avatar of Vishnu. All these made the premises an area where the Pongal came alive before 15 days. Rangoli competitions were held and prizes were distributed to the winners by the chief guest.

Guntur Kendra

Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day was celebrated at Bhavan's Vidyashram. Chief Guest of the day was Mr. V. V. Ravi, active member of Red Cross Society. He hoisted the flag and spoke about the importance of the constitution. Secretary Mr. Rama Chandra Raju Garu, Treasurer Mr. Majetti Prasad Garu, Mr. N.V.S. Santhrao, principal of BVB, Guntur, Staff and the students were present on the occasion.

Guntur Kendra

35th Annual Concert

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram, Guntur, celebrated its 35th Annual Concert on Thursday, 20th February 2020.Children exhibited their talents in different fields like classical dance, western dance, and cultures of different states, mono action and role play. It was a colourful event where the best house which exhibited its excelence in all fields was awarded. The chief guest of the day Sri Addanki Sridhar Babu spoke about how values and ethics play an important role in making the future citizens and appreciated the work of Bhavan's, Guntur which is playing a very important role in making the same. The Secretary Sri P. Ramachandra Raju garu appreciated the efforts of the teachers in bringing out the talents of the children and making the function a grand success.

Guntur Kendra

Science Fair

Bhavan's Guntur organised a "Science Fair" on 28.2.2020 on the occasion of 'National Science Day'. Children, with a great curiosity, prepared and presented some science models. Such events really bring out the scientific temper in the children which is the need of the hour today.

Guntur Kendra

Dog Show

Guntur Kennel Club in association with Bhavan's Guntur Kendra hosted a Dog Show. About 104 dogs of different breeds participated in the show. IPS officer Sri Ramana Kumar was the chief guest and recalled his association with dogs. The organiser and president of the Kennel Club, Mr. Rama Chandra Raju, stated that the main objective of the event was to raise awareness among the people of the pet species and their attributes. Guntur Canal Club Secretary Mrs. V. S. Laxmi Narayana, members Mrs. Gayatri and Kumari Vinya Tejaswini, were present at the function. The Number One spot in this dog show was taken by Trump Beagle, Second by Captain Doberman and Third by American Akitaalusi.

Guntur Kendra

Book Donation

In order to overcome and reduce the psychological discomforts among quarantined children due to COVID-19, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Guntur Kendra, in association with Red Cross Society, Guntur District Branch, donated story books, drawing and craft books, and general knowledge books to the children at the different quarantine centres in Guntur.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Hon.Secretary, Sri P. Rama Chandra Raju who himself is the convener, COVID-19 Emergency Operations, Red Cross Society, Guntur District went to different quarantine centres of Guntur city and distributed the books to the children.
The children felt happy to receive the books. The gesture was was appreciated by the district officials of Guntur.

Guntur Kendra

A Book Launch - About Sri K.M. Munshi

A biographical book in Telugu about Sri K.M. Munshi was launched on 10th January, 2021, at Balananda Kendram, Brodipet, Guntur. It is the first Telugu biography of our founder President. It was written by one of the profound telugu writers Sree Ravinutala Sri Ramulu and was titled as . The "Kesari Guntur Seva Samithi" in association with "Avagahana Organisations" published the book.
Sri Mandali Buddha Prasad, Ex-Deputy Speaker, Legislative Assembly, Andhra Pradesh launched the book. He hailed that "Sri K.M. Munshi was one of the great politicians of the new born independent India. He was also instrumental in annexing the Province of Hyderabad into India, and in reconstructing the Temple of Somnath in Gujarat. Besides this, he found "Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan" with the motto of preserving Indian Culture and Heritage and pass them on to the future generations. It is spread over various places and is having 140 branches.
Hon. Secretary of Bhavan's Guntur Sri P. Rama Chandra Raju expressed that - "Innumerable students got educated and enlightened by Bhavan's and are serving the society and are regarded as our pride". The meeting was presided over by D. Hanumatha Rao, Sri K. Narasimha Rao, President, Sri N. Gurudat, Secretary of Balananda Kendram, Sri M.V. Ramana Rao, President, Guntur Kesari Seva Samithi, Sri K. Siva Rami Reddy, Secretary, Avagahana Organisations, Sri S.V.S. Lakshmi Narayana, Chairperson, INTACH, Guntur Chapter, Sri N.V.S. Santha Rao, Principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Guntur participated in this program & reviewed the book and said that it is good to have books about such great personalities in regional languages.




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