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The Logo

... Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded in 1938
by Kulapati K. M. Munshi.


Year Details
  • Kulapati Munshiji passes away (8th February).
  • Smt. Lilavati Munshi is elected President and Shri Jaisukhlal Hathi, Vice-President of the Bhavan.
  • Launching of the 'Kulapati Munshi Memorial Fund' by the President of India, Dr. V. V. Giri, on the occasion of the public condolence meeting convened at Delhi, with a target of Rs. one crore to enable the Bhavan to carry forward and intensify its activities.
  • Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, releases Bhavan's publications, authored by Swami Ranganathananda, at a special function at New Delhi.
  • Bhavan's Mangalore Centre (Karnataka) is started.
  • Donation to the Bhavan's Madras Centre of a five-acre plot of land, together with a building thereon, by Shri V. Pattabhiraman of Madras.
  • Government of India takes over the copyright for translation and publication, in all the major Indian languages of Bhavan's 11-volume History Series - "The History and Culture of the Indian People".
  • Bhavan's project under its Tri-Decennial programme for publishing Culture Course text-books (Primary, Secondary, Pre-University and University stages) was taken up with a donation from The Mahalakshmi Temple Trust.
  • Government of Andhra Pradesh allots a plot of land at Hyderabad, the State capital, for construction of a building for the Bhavan's Hyderabad Centre.
  • The L.I.C. Employees' Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., Guntur, donates a plot of land for construction of a building for the Bhavan's Guntur Centre.
  • Deputation of a representative of the Bhavan to join a delegation of Indian Publishers sponsored by the Union Ministry of Education & Youth Services for a tour of several East African countries.
  • Deputation of a representative of the Bhavan as a delegate to the 14th World Theatre Congress held in London.
  • A College of Journalism at the Bhavan's Hyderabad Centre is started.
  • Dr. Hemchandra Gupte, Mayor of Bombay, inaugurates the 'Annapoorna Sadan' - Girls Hostel - for girl students of the Bhavan's College at Andheri. Shri D. C. Kothari, Industrialist, inaugurates courses in Marketing and Advertising at the Bhavan's Madras Centre.
  • Shri V. Viswanathan, Governor of Kerala, inaugurates the College of Journalism at the Bhavan's Cochin Centre.
  • Shri M. Venkataratnam, Collector & District Magistrate, Guntur, inaugurates the College of Dance and Music at the Bhavan's Guntur Centre.
  • Organising, in collaboration with the Max Muller Bhavan, Bombay, of a four day documentary exhibition on 'Indology in Germany'.
  • Renaming of the Campus at Andheri as 'Munshi Nagar' in sacred memory of Kulapati Dr. K. M. Munshi.
  • Bhavan's Allahabad Centre is started.
  • Dr. V. V. Giri, President of India, lays the foundation-stone of the building for Bhavan's Cochin Centre.
  • Justice Shri S. M. Sikri, Chief Justice of India, inaugurates the Home Science Block of Bhavan's Vallabhram Mehta Public School, New Delhi.
  • Swami Chinmayananda presides over the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Bhavan's College of Arts & Science at Andheri. 
  • Swami Ranganathananda lays the foundation-stone of the building for the Bhavan's Mahila MandaI School at Andheri.
  • Shri Jaisukhlal Hathi, Vice-President of the Bhavan, names the building of the Bhavan in Bombay as "Munshi Sadan", on the 87th birthday of Kulapati Dr. K. M. Munshi.
  • Dr. V. V. Giri lays the foundation-stone for the new building complex of Hyderabad Centre.
  • Acharya Bhaishankar Purohit, Principal of Mumbadevi Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, receives the National Award for proficiency in Sanskrit teaching for 1973 from the President of India.

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