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Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College Achievements

Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College students representing the Cultural Unit, the Gymkhana and NSS Unit, won various accolades and scaled new heights by showcasing their talent and skills in varied extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
The Cultural Unit
The feats achieved by the students in the cultural domain in this academic year of 2022-2023 are as follows:     
Bollywood Dance
1. Secured First position in the PERSIANNA Event organised by Byramjee Jeejeebhoy College of Commerce and also received the ‘Best College Award’.
2. Secured Third place in the AAMOD Event organised by St. Xavier’s College.
Drama/Skit/Mono Act
1. Secured First place in HOONAR festival organised by M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce.
2. Qualified in the first round in YOUTH Festival organised by University of Mumbai.
Achievements in the field of sports:
1. Anjali Juwatkar (FYJC Commerce) won Gold Medal at the District Level Karate Tournament and was selected for the Divisional Level.
An inter-collegiate event, IGNEEL, was organised on January 21, 2023, on the theme ‘A Vision towards New India’. NSS volunteers from 22 colleges across Mumbai city and suburbs participated in the event. Various competitions like debate, power-point presentation, quiz, photography, face painting, street play, mono-acting, group dance and insta-reels were conducted. The prize distribution ceremony was organised at the Bhavan’s Auditorium.

Homage to Shri S. Ramakrishnan

Lecture on 'Importance of Prasthana-trayi in Indian philosophy' by Dr. Sanjib Sarkar
The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan paid homage to its former Executive Secretary and Director General Shri S. Ramakrishnan (22-7-1922 -- 14-2-2003), at a function organized on Saturday 18-3-2023, as a part of the celebration of his birth centenary.
At this function, Dr. S. G. Mishra, Asst. Exam. Secretary, and Shri Krishnakumar Jha, Asst. Examination Officer, from Bhavan's Sanskrit Exams. Dept., and other staff-members of the Bhavan, performed the Parayana of Lalita-sahasra-nama-stotra, at the Central Bhavan.
Dr. Ganapati Hegde, I/C Principal, Bhavan's Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, rendered the Vedic prayer. Dr. Girish B. Jani, Director, Sanskrit Studies and Research, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, delivered the welcome address and paid homage to Shri S. Ramakrishnan. He spoke on his simple life, soulful devotion, noble character, and life-long dedicated service (1947-2003) rendered for the growth, expansion and development of the Bhavan. He also introduced the speaker Dr. Sanjib Sarkar, Guest Lecturer (Advaita-vedanta), Bhavan's Mumbadevi Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.
In his interesting lecture, Dr. Sanjib Sarkar discussed the etymological explanation of the words -- Darshana, Upanishad and Prasthana, and introduced the basic features of the Prasthan-trayi -- (1) Shruti-prasthana (Upanishads) (2) Smriti-prasthana (Gita), and (3) Nyaya-prasthana (Brahma-sutra of Badarayana). He analyzed their role in interpretation of the views of different schools of the Vedanta. He appreciated the rich contribution of great Acharyas who wrote commentaries on the texts of these three Prasthanas. He also explained four Mahavakyas, and role of philosophical study (Tattvajnana) in human life.
Dr. Hitesh Trivedi, Asst. Director, Bhavan's P.G. & Research Dept., compered the programme and proposed the vote of thanks.

Felicitation of Students

Shri. Jagdish Lakhani, Hon. Joint Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan felicitated the students of Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College on January 20, 2023 at the Head Office of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
The Cultural and Gymkhana student members interacted with the management team of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
The students representing the cultural committee and the gymkhana committee have consistently brought laurels to the Institution. The feats achieved by the students in the cultural domain:
1. Secured first position at the VIGOUR event organised by Vidyalankar College.
2. Secured first place at the SEATOWN Festival organised by Lala Lajpatrai College.
3. Secured first position at the ANTARANG Festival organised by Kirti College.
4. Secured second place at the ENIGMA Festival organised by Podar College.
5. Secured third place at the JALLOSH event organised by Sydenham College.
6. Secured first place at the KIRAN event organised by KC College.
1. Secured first place at the ENIGMA Festival organised by Podar College.
2. Secured first place at the KHWAISH Festival organised by Chandrabhan Sharma College.
3. Secured second place at the GANDHARVA Festival organised by Bedekar College.
1. Tejas Pote, S.Y.B.A.—Bronze Medal—Taekwondo Tournament.
2. Karan Dongre, F.Y.B.Com—Silver Medal—Weightlifting tournament.
3. Kalika Narkar, F.Y.B.Com—Gold Medal—Judo (women’s) tournament.
4. Mitesh Baria, T.Y.B.Com, Parichay Bhoir, S.Y.BAF and Taufik Shaikh, S.Y.BAF—First rank in Rink football tournament organised by R.A. Podar College.
5. Shravani Dekhale, F.Y.B.Sc—First rank in 7th National Kickboxing Championship 2022 organised by the Kickboxing Association of India.
6. Sameer Shinde, T.Y.B.Com— Bronze Medal (3rd Rank)— Powerlifting tournament.
7. Lokesh Prajapati. F.Y.J.C. Science student won the Silver Medal in the District level Taekwondo Competition.
8. Ashwin Jaiswal, S.Y.J.C. Commerce has been selected in the State-level swimming competition (400 m individual medley).
Another noteworthy achievement which deserves mention is that a student from T.Y.B.M.S., Shaikh Maula Ali Salim, was selected for the Mumbai University team for the all-India tournament in judo and also won the bronze medal in the Maharashtra State Olympic games 2022-23 held at Balewadi, Pune.

Bhavan’s Somani College

On January 20, 2023, Shri H. N. Dastur, Executive Secretary & Director General, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan addressed the staff members of Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College of Arts & Science, Shri Manubhai Maneklal Sheth Junior College of Arts & Science, and Jayaramdas Patel College of Commerce and Management Studies.
While speaking about the conception of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Dasturji threw light on how after being founded by Kulapati K. M Munshi in 1938, the Bhavan, over the years, has grown as an Educational and Cultural Institution par excellence.
Munshiji propagated the quintessence of the Bhavan which is an amalgamation of cultural, social, ethical values and a synthesis of science and spirituality. Dasturji spoke at length on the unique culture of the Bhavan.
Spiritual masters, philosophers, academicians, artists and statesmen have greatly appreciated the contribution of the Bhavan towards nation building. As part of this rich legacy of the Bhavan family, it is important for all to maintain harmony, righteous conduct, cooperation, compassion and respect for one another as these are the ideals laid down by Munshiji who believed in the dictum of Sarva Dharma Samabhava and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The Principal in charge of the College, Prof. Shantaj Deshbhratar, and the Vice Principal, Dr. B. H. Patil shared the stage with Shri Dastur.

Lecture on ‘Saint literature of Maharashtra and its role in public education’ by Prof. Dr. Baba Patil

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan paid homage to its Founder-President Kulapati Dr. K. M. Munshi (1887-1971), on his 52nd Punyatithi (death anniversary) on Wednesday, 8-2-2023. Dr. Shivgopal Mishra, Asst. Examination Secretary, and Shri Krishna Kumar Jha, Asst. Examination Officer, Bhavan’s Sanskrit Exams. Dept., performed the recitation of 15th Adhyaya of the Gita, and Vishnu-sahasranama-stotra.
On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Baba Patil, the eminent Marathi scholar, and Vice-Principal, and Head, Dept. of Marathi, Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College, Mumbai; delivered online a lecture (in Marathi) on ‘Saint literature of Maharashtra and its role in public education’. Shri Krishna Kumar Jha rendered the Vedic prayer. Dr. Hitesh Trivedi, Asst. Director, Bhavan’s P. G. and Research Dept., delivered the welcome address and paid homage to Dr. K. M. Munshi. Ms. Jyoti Jadhav, Asst. Examination Officer, Bhavan’s Sanskrit Exams. Dept., introduced the speaker.
Dr. Patil paid tributes to Kulapati Munshi for his noble contribution to literature, cultural heritage and education. In his interesting lecture, Dr. Patil referred to the Nath Sampradaya, Mahanubhava, Varkari and other sects and spoke on the great contribution of the eminent saint-poets like Gorakshnath, Chakradhar, Jnaneshwar, Namdev, Eknath, Ramdas, Tukaram, Mukteshvar, Narhari Sonar, Savta Mali, Gora Kumbhar, Chokhamela, Janabai, Sena Maharaj, Mahipatibuva, Kanho Patra and others. Quoting profusely from their literature, Dr. Patil showed how these saints spread the message of equality, non-violence, compassion, and oneness of supreme reality through their devotional poems composed in local language Marathi, and taught people to uproot superstition, and social evils of untouchability and discrimination based on caste, creed, gender or belief. He also pointed out that the saint literature covered all the major philosophical and spiritual traditions of the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhakti, Yoga and Buddhism. He appreciated the gigantic contribution of the saint literature of Maharashtra, made to the public education and its moral, spiritual, social and literary aspects.
Dr. Hitesh Trivedi, proposed the vote of thanks and compered the programme of the function.