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Jaisukhlal Hathi Sadan,
Madhya Marg,
Sector 27-B,
Chandigarh - 160 019
Phone: 0172 - 5041620
Email: bharatiya.bhavan@gmail.com

The Chandigarh Kendra was founded on July 16, 1979, under the aegis of Shri Jai Sukh Lal Hathi, former Governor of Punjab & Haryana.
The main activity of the Kendra is centered around its three schools, DRA Bhavan Vidyalaya, Bhavan Vidyalaya (Junior) and Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh.
Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, was established on 17 July 1983, with 62 students and a team of 6 dedicated teachers and today is considered to be one of the premier institutions, not merely in the region but also at the National level. At present, the combined strength of all the schools under this Kendra, from Pre Nursery to XII is 3022, with a total of 141 teaching and non-teaching staff.

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SOF - Academic Excellence Scholarship

Aarush Singhal of Class 10 has been awarded the prestigious SOF-Academic Excellence Scholarship for 2023-24, a testament to his outstanding performance in the Zonal SOF Exams. He received a trophy, a Merit Certificate and a cash award of Rs 5,000.

First School-cation

Bhavan Vidyalaya school organised a one-of-a-kind School-cation from April 20-21, 2024, featuring an overnight stay at the school campus for Class 6 students. The students forged new bonds with their class fellows and cherished the moments spent together. They engaged in various entertaining activities, enjoyed scrumptious food, pitched their tents, practised yoga, and even had an engaging night time story reading session. 
The young ones learnt the importance of appreciating every meal and understood the value of teamwork through exciting games. The event culminated in the students leaving with lasting memories and radiant smiles as they returned home.

JEE (Mains) Chandigarh Topper

Heartiest congratulations to Vedant Saini on achieving all-India rank 26 in the JEE Mains. This accomplishment is a testament to his hard work and has added another feather to his cap.

Synergy 2024

The Science and Web Designing teams won first prize in Science and Computer Science categories, at Lawrence School, Sanawar’s Synergy 2024, held on April 20, 2024.
Science Team Winners: Mohd. Reyan Asim (Class 7), Ansh Mittal (Class 8), and Abhiraj Jain (Class 9)
Web Designing team Winners: Arnav Kaushik and Aditya Sharma from Class 10.

Blood Donation Camp

The Interact Club of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, organised a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI) on April 27, 2024. This life-saving mission was planned for the first PTA meeting of the academic session. Enthusiastic teachers and parents came forward in great numbers to donate blood and to make this noble cause a success.
A team of doctors from PGI played a pivotal role in coordinating the blood donation camp. The effort resulted in the collection of around 43 units of blood.

World Book Day

On the occasion of World Book Day, the school library at Bhavan Vidyalaya, New Chandigarh organised a weeklong series of activities to promote reading among the students and to celebrate the joy of books. Students and teachers participated in various events throughout the week making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The celebrations started with the D.E.A.R. activity where everyone in the school, staff and students, dropped everything and read books of their choice. Various literary activities were organised by the school library for students of all classes to help them explore the vast world of books.

Birth Anniversary Celebration

Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh conducted a Special Assembly on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the esteemed Baba Nabha Dasji on April 8, 2024.
The assembly was conducted by Std. 8 students who enlightened the audience about the remarkable life of Baba Nabha Dasji. With fervour and dedication, the students eloquently shared insights into his life, emphasising the profound lessons of compassion and humanity for all. It was a momentous occasion aimed at instilling the values of benevolence and goodwill within the student community.

Atharv Salwan's First Book Released

Atharv Salwan, a budding author from Std. 12, Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, got his debut book titled ‘The Metamorphosis of Success’, published.

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on April 10, 2024, with full fervour, zeal and enthusiasm. The special assembly conducted by Std. 5 students included an informative speech elucidating the significance of Eid-ul-Fitr. The assembly also showcased captivating performances, including a Hindi poem recitation and a mesmerising dance performance on the theme of the festival. In keeping with the spirit of the festival, prizes were distributed to students for their charitable contributions to HelpAge India Foundation. Achievers of the National Cyber Olympiad were also felicitated, which highlighted their outstanding performance in the field of technology. The Primary wing also joined in the festive celebration and merriment through engaging activities, story-telling and interactive sessions, aimed to provide the young learners with a meaningful and educational experience as they learned about the cultural and religious significance of Eid. The pre-primary students were introduced to the traditions and values associated with Eid through a special assembly that also featured a song performed by children on Eid, and a dance performance by the students of Nursery class.

Budding Author

Embarking on her literary career, Ayera Kathuria of Std. 11, Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, has penned a book, advising youngsters on how to overcome challenges. The book was released by the Director (Edu.) and Sr. Principal, who wished the budding author great success.

Healthy Tiffin Day

The students of the special cell of Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh relished delectable meals on Healthy Tiffin Day. They learned the importance of making healthy choices and enjoyed their millet-based dishes.

Baisakhi Celebration

Students of Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh celebrated the joyous harvest festival of Baisakhi on April 15, 2024. The assembly began with ‘Shabad Gayan’, where the school choir harmoniously presented shabads (sacred songs) related to the significance of the month of Baisakh. The meaning and traditions of Baisakhi were elaborated upon, emphasising the celebration of unity, brotherhood and community spirit. The students also presented a heartfelt poem in Punjabi, capturing the essence of the festival and its cultural significance. The students put up an energetic Bhangra performance that resonated with the festival’s spirit and added a lively and joyful touch to the day. The tiny tots of the Pre-primary wing also participated in the festive celebrations through a song and dance performance, adding vibrance and joy to the environment with their enthusiastic contributions.

Induction Ceremony

The Induction Ceremony of the Senior Cabinet was held at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. In a special assembly, Arushi Ahuja and Narayani Khanna took over as Captains, while Kriti Markanday and Kanish Garg were appointed Vice-Captains. The newly-elected cabinet members pledged to fulfil their duties with dedication and effectiveness.

Second Annual Athletic Meet

Bhavan Vidyalaya, New Chandigarh organised its Second Annual Athletic Meet on March 15, 2024 at the Sports Complex, Sector 7, Chandigarh. Students from Classes 3 to 8 participated in an array of track and field competitions, showcasing their athletic prowess, dedication and sportsmanship spirit. 
From lightning-fast sprints to endurance races, students exhibited extraordinary skill and determination. The highlight of the day were the relay races, where each participant not only showed agility and focus, but also team spirit. 
A palpable sense of excitement filled the air as students cheered on their teachers, who enthusiastically joined the races, a mark of their dedication to healthy competition and fostering camaraderie with the students. 
The Best Athlete trophies were awarded to Kanishk (Boys) from Class 5 and Samridhi (Girls) from Class 4 in Group 1. In Group II, Shivansh (Boys) from Class 5 and Paridhi (Girls) from Class 6 secured the Best Athlete Trophy. Group III saw Armaan Garg from Class 8 receiving the Best Athlete Trophy for boys, while Sanehdeep and Shivanshi from the same class secured the Best Athlete Trophy for girls.

Triumph at INMO

Three meritorious students of the school Abhinav Khetan of Class 10, Eivaksh Aggarwal of Class 11 and Vedant Sani of Class 12 qualified in the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) and were selected for the Indian Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC). They are the only students from Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh region to clear INMO this year.

Sunny Sprint Carnival

Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh hosted the Sunny Sprint Carnival for the Pre-Primary students from March 18–20, 2024. The event, part of the Annual Parents’ Day Celebrations, welcomed energetic young athletes from the Pre-Primary wing who showcased their agility, fitness, and teamwork.
The first day saw parents of Pre-Nursery and Toddlers join in. The torch ceremony marked the start, followed by a melodic welcome song, exercise drills and various races that entertained spectators. Parents also enthusiastically participated in some fun games planned for them adding to the day’s joy.
The second day had enthusiastic performances of the Nursery students, with Ms. Kunika Sharma, Principal of Bhavan Vidyalaya Junior Wing Chandigarh, as the Chief Guest. Sports-themed dances, ribbon twirling drills, umbrella dance, Zumba performance and foot-tapping Bhangra beats delighted the audience.
The final day of the Sunny Sprint Carnival was also Graduation Day for the KG students, who mesmerised the crowd with their cheerful energy through flower drills, a yoga display, fitness drills, Bhangra and some fun races for the students and parents. The event concluded with a heartwarming graduation ceremony for KG graduates wherein the young kindergarteners received their graduation certificates.

Parents’ Orientation Programme 2024–25

Bhavan Vidyalaya, New Chandigarh held a Parents’ Orientation Programme on April 1, 2024, in the school campus for the parents of the new students of the Pre-Primary Wing, to help them prepare for the academic journey of their wards in the school. The parents were oriented about the ethos, culture and tradition of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chandigarh Kendra, through an introduction to the rich history of the institution. They were also introduced to the management of the three campuses under the umbrella of the Chandigarh Kendra.
The parents were given a bird’s eye view of the comprehensive curriculum followed by the school in complete alignment with the NEP 2020. The parents were made aware of the wide array of co-curricular activities and sports facilities provided by the school for the overall development of the students.

Basant Panchami Celebrations

Bhavan Vidyalaya, New Chandigarh, celebrated Basant Panchami through a Special Assembly held for all classes on February 14, 2024. The assembly began with paying homage to Goddess Saraswati, followed by the Saraswati Vandana and an informative speech on the significance of the day and its celebration as a part of India’s rich cultural heritage.
The tiny tots of the Pre-primary wing came dressed in yellow attire and recited rhymes to indicate the beginning of the spring season. They participated in an educational quiz on the significance of the vibrant festival of Basant Panchami. Acknowledging academic excellence, exceptional achievers in the Science and English Olympiads were honoured during the assembly. Aadhya Sood, Jinisha, Vivaan Ringe and Aanya Sharma were applauded for their outstanding achievements and presented with well-deserved medals of distinction.

Basant Panchami

Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh embraced the spirit of the spring season with the celebration of Basant Panchami. Saraswati Puja was performed and the school choir sang the Saraswati Vandana.
Special activities were also organised to commemorate the occasion, with students showcasing their creativity by crafting vibrant kites of various colours and sizes. The festivities extended to the students of the Special Cell, who celebrated the occasion in a unique and joyful manner.

Juniors Bid Farewell to Class of 2023

Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, organised a farewell party, in the auditorium to bid farewell to the outgoing students of Std. 12.
The occasion commenced with a lively Bollywood dance performance followed by soulful musical performances by the enthusiastic students of Std. 11. A surprise play showcasing the journey of the outgoing class captivated the audience while a Punjabi dance left everyone thoroughly entertained.
The highlight of the ceremony was the ramp walk in which Kritvee Sharma and Animesh Dewan were crowned Ms. Bhavan and
Mr. Bhavan, respectively. Abhishyant Kathuria and Kavleen Kaur were awarded the titles of Mr Debonair and Ms Elegant, while Raghuveer Yadav and Urvi Pahwa won the titles of Mr Dashing and Ms Charming, respectively.

Field Day Fiesta

Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh hosted ‘Field Day Fiesta’ as part of the Annual Parents’ Day celebrations for Std. 1 and 2 on February 17, 2024, at the school grounds. The event witnessed the participation of Bhavan’s young athletes showcasing their agility, fitness and team spirit.
The programme commenced with the release of colourful balloons by the esteemed Chief Guest, Ms. Vineeta Arora, Director of Education-cum-Senior Principal of Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, and Ms. Inderpreet Kaur, Principal, Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh.
The day began with a captivating array of performances —yoga demonstration, Zumba, Taekwo ndo, Gymnastics, a Sporty Spectacle and Bhangra.
The Races and fun events were followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where winners and participants were felicitated for their exceptional performances and sportsmanship.

Martyr's Day Special Assembly

In a heartfelt homage to Mahatma Gandhi on the 74th anniversary of his martyrdom, Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh conducted a Special Assembly on February 1, 2024 under the theme ‘Be the Change You Want to See in the World’. The event, marked by reflections on Gandhi’s legacy of truth, nonviolence, and self-discipline, aimed to instil these values in the next generation.
The assembly comprised an inspiring short story on the transformative power of ‘change’. The entire school then joined in to sing Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan, ‘Vaishnav Jan Toh,’ highlighting humanity, empathy, and truthfulness, qualities that Gandhiji embodied. A special dance performance on ‘Bande Mein Tha Dum’ was staged by the students to pay homage to the ‘Father of the Nation.’

Observing World Cancer Day

Bhavan Vidyalaya New Chandigarh paid a heartfelt tribute to those affected by cancer through a special Assembly and a Poster Making activity on the theme of World Cancer Day. The initiative aimed to raise awareness and instil a sense of solidarity within the school community.
The assembly commenced with an informative introduction to World Cancer Day, emphasising its global significance in the fight against cancer.
It showcased creativity through a touching poem by Ruta Mohapatra titled ‘Cancer’, expressing emotions and reflections. The victory story of Yuvraj Singh, a renowned cricketer and cancer survivor, served as an inspirational highlight, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity.
The Poster Making Activity for classes VII and VIII provided students with a platform to express creativity and convey messages of hope and support for individuals affected by cancer.

The Gold Winner

Shiviya Arora, a commerce scholar, brought laurels to the school by bagging the Gold medal in (U-17 girls) Fencing, at the 67th National School Games held on February 8, 2024 at Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Shiviya has been consistently showcasing her mastery over the sport, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact in the fencing community for many years. She had secured a Gold medal in Foil Singles in UT Inter School Fencing State Tournament organised by Chandigarh Education Department on September 11, 2023. She also proved her mettle by grabbing a Bronze medal in the Open State Fencing Tournament held in Sonepat on July 1, 2023.