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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jaipur Kendra was started in 1978 and it conducts cultural and educational activities through its institutions mentioned above in point no. 6.
Bhavan’s Jaipur Kendra in association with Infosys has also been conducting a number of programmes to revive the folk arts of the state by providing platform to the old traditional and unknown artists and new emerging artists under the chairmanship of Smt. Asha Golcha, member of Advisory Board of BVB, Jaipur Kendra since 2016. As of now about 755 artists have performed their 35 art forms of Rajasthan in 72 programmes.

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Suruchi Kendra the cultural centre of Bhavan’s Jaipur Kendra conducted three workshops in the last week of December 2022.
‘Get set social’ was a workshop organised for people interested in knowing how to write a good post for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The workshop included the basic techniques of photography, videography and content writing spread across six days. The resource persons Mr. Naveen Sharma and Maulshree Mallik from Nirjeet Entertainment were young filmmakers who showed exemplary patience in guiding the participants.
Introduction to Water colouring workshop.
To introduce the art of water colouring to young enthusiasts a water colouring workshop was organised by Suruchi Kendra for students of 8 years and above.
Shri Ankesh Sharma introduced the use of brush and water colours to the young artists. Every day a new exercise was designed with still life, live models and portraits which the students did with great enthusiasm.
Tray Gardening workshop
Tray gardening is a technique to create a miniature garden in a tray. It is a very creative and artistic activity for people interested in gardening. A lecture cum demonstration was organised which gave all the details and the basic principles behind the technique. The resource person was Smt Reena Tomar who shared lots of information on the maintenance of such tray gardens from her practical knowledge and experience.

2nd Inter-college Drama Competition

Bhavan’s Cultural Centre Suruchi Kendra organised the second season of Dr. K. M. Munshi Memorial inter-college drama competition on November 29, 2022, at Maharana Pratap Auditorium, Jaipur.
The theme of the competition this year was ‘Drama based on Rajasthani folk tales’. Three judges who are well-known personalities from the theatre world of Jaipur judged the competition. University Maharani College secured the first position, SS Jain Subodh PG College secured the second position and the third position was bagged by Parishkar College of Global Excellence.
Besides this, awards were given for the Best Director (Dr Kapil Sharma), Best Actor (Ms. Tanu Nathawat and Ms. Shreyanshi Mishra) and Best Content (Shri Subodh Kachhawa).
The chief guest for the awards function was Shri Krishna Kalpit, a well-known poet and author.

Mandana Making Activity

In Rajasthan Mandanas are made on almost all festive occasions whether it is a wedding or a housewarming or any other festive celebration like Deepavali, Dushera etc. There are different kinds of Mandanas for different occasions. This folk art is usually made on the floor on different occasions using natural colours/materials like rice powder, turmeric and brick powder. 
To revive this old-age tradition Suruchi Kendra decided to organise a workshop where this art was taught and its significance explained. Students who enrolled prepared two Mandanas in two days spending three hours each day. They made Mandanas on MDF boards which were easy to carry home.

Diya Decoration Activity

Keeping the festival of lights Deepavali in mind a workshop on Diya decoration was conducted on October 8 and 9, 2022.
Nearly 40 students participated. The participants were each provided with 5 earthen diyas, colouring and decorating material and told to use their own creativity to decorate the diyas. Students in the age group of 8 years and above participated. The students showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm and prepared very beautifully decorated Diyas which they took home to be used on Deepawali and Laxmi puja.

Ravana Making Activity

Suruchi Kendra organised a workshop for the students in the age group of 10 years and above on October 1 and 2, 2022.
The students were trained to craft a Ravana effigy and they used their creativity to prepare different kinds of costumes, jewellery, crown and other accessories from coloured paper.
Nearly 28 students participated enthusiastically and carried home the Ravana prepared by them.